The following is a list of currently implemented cores.


Various synchronous and asynchronous FIFO implementations.


USB Peripheral, this is another Cypress FX2 controller interface, this has two interfaces a “control” interface and a “streaming” interface. This FX2 interface is intended to work with the [fx2 firmware]() that configures the controller as a USB CDC/ACM device (virtual serial port). The [fx2 firmware]() also has a couple vendor unique commands that can be sent using the pyusb (or other low-level USB interfaces like libusb). The Python version of the host software (including firmware) can be retrieved via pip

>> pip install usbp
>>> import usbp
>>> import serial

One of the tricky items with USB devices is setting the permissions correctly. On a linux system to set the …


This is a generic SPI controller.


VGA controller.